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Drain Your Pool the Right Way

For many, the end of summer weather brings with it the responsibility of closing the family pool. The City of London would like to remind residents to drain pools, spas and hot tubs in a manner that will protect our environment, and to be aware of the requirements of Waste Discharge By-Law WM16.


Any water entering the City’s storm sewers via the grates and storm drains on streets needs to be free of chemicals, including salt. This means homeowners must take precaution before allowing pool drainage to run on to streets. Dechlorinating pool water using tablets or by allowing the pool to sit with no addition of chemicals for one week prior to draining are two common ways to ensure the water you’re draining is okay for our storm sewers. Salt water pools need to either be discharged into your household sanitary sewer connection or hauled away by a licensed waste hauler.


“Anything entering our storm sewers through grates on our streets goes directly to our creeks, rivers and lakes without being treated first,” says Tony Van Rossum, Wastewater Treatment Operations. “It’s imperative we keep our water sources clean and chemical free, for our benefit and for the protection of our environment.”


Any time a substance other than rainwater or snow melt is put into a storm sewer, it is considered a spill, and should be reported to City of London Wastewater Treatment Operations at 519-661-5701.


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