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London Screen Shots: Take One

London has started work on a plan that will ramp up its focus on screen-based industries in the city and surrounding areas, and build stronger relationships with local and regional companies and individuals who are working in this industry.

Launching into this process, the City of London and the London Screen Industry Committee will host a public engagement session at Toboggan Brewing Company on Wednesday, May 16, from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Through a series of consultations, the team working on this will develop a Screen Industry Strategy for the city.

Chris Geddes, a London native who has spent 18 years in the domestic and international entertainment industry, will be the keynote speaker for the session. He’ll focus on the changing landscape of content development and what he sees on the cutting edge of the sector.

This kickoff event is open to all, and focused on those interested in becoming active players in moving London’s screen industry forward.

In and around London, the screen industry would include individuals and companies that are focused on  TV, film, music video, animation, digital media production, video game development, interactive online content production, virtual reality, photography, media art, sales and rentals, movie theatre operators, artist-run-centres, video and arts educators, and funders.

In addition to the session, organizers have also asked those in local screen industries to fill out an online survey about their experience and expectation for the industry. The survey closes May 22.

“Culture as a key part of economic growth and quality of life is an important part of the City’s broader strategic plan,” explains London’s Director of Community and Economic Innovation, Rosanna Wilcox. “Focusing on screen offers London the opportunity to help support this growing industry in our region.”