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723 Lorne Avenue Redevelopment Request for Qualifications

The City of London has issued a Request for Qualifications for interested developers to submit responses to redevelop a portion of the former Lorne Avenue Public School site located at 723 Lorne Avenue.

The Request for Qualification process will allow the City to identify developers that demonstrate interest and capacity to repurpose the site for single detached dwellings fronting on a new public road connecting Lorne Avenue to Queens Place, as envisioned in a community-endorsed Preferred Development Concept and within the project objectives and scope of work.

Interested applicants will need to demonstrate a capacity to undertake this project in a timely manner and demonstrate adherence to the Preferred Development Concept in a way that establishes compatibility with the Old East Heritage Conservation District and compliance with the Zoning By-law permissions that currently apply to the site. The Request for Qualifications is the first step in the development process, proponents that successfully qualify will be invited to participate in a subsequent Request for Proposals.

The former Lorne Avenue Public School occupied the site at 723 Lorne Avenue since 1875, with the original building replaced by a new building constructed in 1969-1970. In 2014, the Thames Valley District School Board declared the site surplus and offered it for sale to public bodies. The City of London submitted an offer to purchase the site and entered into an agreement to acquire the former Lorne Avenue Public School property. The City of London initially undertook a Council-approved process, engaging in a Request for Proposal procurement process to try to find a new occupant for the former Lorne Avenue Public School building. This procurement process did not result in identifying a successful proponent, as such the former Lorne Avenue Public School was subsequently demolished following Municipal Council’s approval of a demolition request in September 2017.

“For decades, the Lorne Ave Public School site has been a focal point for community to come together in the Old East Village,” says John Fleming, Director of Planning. “The community and City Council have created a great plan for this surplus school site to accommodate a new park and infill development.  This next step is to invite the private sector to propose the right type of development to enhance the park and contribute to the Old East Village’s amazing quality and character.”

The City of London is retaining a portion of the former Lorne Avenue Public School site for a new Lorne Avenue neighbourhood park.

Interested applicants are invited to submit their response electronically through the bids & tenders system by October 25, 2019