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2018 Municipal Elections Results

London’s 2018 Municipal Elections will go down in history as the first time a municipality in Canada used Ranked Choice Voting to elect its Mayor and City Councillors.  Ranked Choice Voting is a preferential voting method where voters rank their candidate choices and a winner requires 50% plus one vote to be declared.  

All results for Ranked Choice races were posted early this afternoon, ending speculation that it could take days for the votes to be counted.

“Counting the votes went smoothly,” says Cathy Saunders, City Clerk.  “Extensive testing of the tabulation and enhanced communication efforts to educate residents on how to mark the ballot resulted in a fluid results process with all results announced sooner than predicted.”

It is anticipated the City Clerk will certify the results in the next couple of days. Official results show London elected a new mayor, with Ed Holder securing the seat.  Several current ward councillors were successful in their bids for re-election, and six new members will join them on council.  The new council will begin its four-year term on December 1, 2018.