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Applying for Social Housing

Social Housing General Information

The City of London, Housing Access Centre (HAC) provides information, takes applications and maintains the waitlist on behalf of the housing providers for social housing. To apply for social housing you must complete an Application package for Rent-Geared-To-Income housing.

Applications are available from this Website or for pick-up at Citi Plaza, 355 Wellington Street, Suite 248, (2nd floor) or call 519-661-0861 and we will mail one to you.

Please Note:
The Housing Access Centre does not offer Housing to applicants, predict or guess when you will be housed, they do not provide emergency accommodations and is not a private market rental agency.

Qualify for Social Housing

To qualify for social housing in the City of London and the County of Middlesex, applicants must:

  • Be 16 years of age or older and be able to live independently.
  • Each member must be a Canadian Citizen, Landed Immigrant, or Refugee Claimant.
  • No member of households has a deportation order, departure or exclusion order under the Immigration Act.
  • No member of household owes arrears, for either rent or damage to any social housing units.

Apply for Social Housing

To apply for Social Housing Rent-geared-to-income housing complete the following steps:

Step One

The Application package consists of the following three (3) categories: Adult, Family and Seniors. Download and print the Main Application Form and the Building Selection Form that best describes you.

  • Main Application for RGI Housing Form
  • Building Selection Forms:
    1. Adult Building Selection Form - If you are a household with no dependents (adults/singles and childless couples from age 16+) looking to live in designated Adult social housing, download and print the adult building selection form. Please note that Some will accept adults only from age 50+, seniors 60+ or 65+ and small families.
    2. Family Building Selection Form - If you are a household with dependents (one or more dependents) looking to live in designated Family social housing, download and print the family building selection form. Please note that Some will accept households without dependents such as adults/singles/couples and seniors 60+ or 65+.
    3. Senior Building Selection Form - If you are a senior from age 60+ or 65+ and looking to live in designated Senior social housing, download and print the senior building selection form. Please note that this is only for seniors age 60+ or 65+.

The forms are Adobe PDF.  To download and print you must have the latest in Adobe's PDF on your computer. Click on the Adobe’s link for a free download.

Step Two

You may qualify for Special Priority Status or Urgent Status.  Look at the forms below.  If any of the circumstances seem to apply to you, then complete the forms and submit them with your basic application.  All forms are Adobe PDF. Click on the Adobe’s link for a free download.

Priority Forms
You would use these forms if you may be experiencing trafficking, or domestic abuse and violence by living together with an abusive person and need to find housing right away.

Urgent Application Forms
You would use these forms if you are either homeless, have a medical urgency need or a social urgency need to live in social housing. 

Additional Application Forms

  • Request for Internal Review - You would use this form to appeal any decision made by the Housing Access Centre or your social housing provider/landlord.
  • Request for Final Review - You would use this form if you are not satisfied with the decision made by either the Housing Access Centre or the social housing provider/landlord thru the request for internal review.

Step Three

Submit your forms and documents to the Housing Access Centre:
Citi Plaza, 355 Wellington Street
Suite 248, 2nd Floor
London, ON  N6A 3N7
Telephone: 519- 661-0861

Regular business hours:
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 8:30a.m. - 4:00p.m.
Tuesday 8:30a.m. - 6:00p.m.

Please note:
Applications will not be accepted by fax.
Applications can be scanned and email to

It takes 2-4 weeks for an application to be processed. Once you have been determined eligible for social housing you will be placed on the waiting list for each building complex you selected. However, because of the high demand for subsidized housing the wait may take many years.

All applications got instructions on how to complete, the documents required, and where to send the application. Incomplete applications may be returned to you unprocessed.

Documents Required

The following is a list of all the required documents that must be provided with your application for everyone listed on the application form. Some items may not apply to some individuals.

  • Copies of Canadian birth certificates, Canadian passport, landed immigrant, permanent resident card or refugee claimant documents for ALL members of the household.
  • Custody documentation or agreement (i.e. Court/lawyer/CAS, ex-partner, etc.) verify at least 50% custody.
  • A copy of a repayment schedule for anyone in your household who owes money to an Ontario social housing.
  • Copies of ALL household monthly income of you and all persons who will be living with you.
  • Self-employed - please provide proof of income such as your latest income tax, investment Interest income, pay stubs, etc.
  • Copies of owned assets of all household.
  • If pregnant, provide proof of pregnancy i.e. doctors note or ultra sound picture.
  • If you are claiming homelessness, abuse, a serious medical condition, a dangerous or life threatening situation, etc., proof is required from someone in a professional position (court/lawyer/doctor/police/worker).


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