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London Strengthening Neighbourhoods Strategy 2010 - 2015

The heart and essence of every city and community are its neighbourhoods!

The London Strengthening Neighbourhoods Strategy (2010-2015) was developed by a resident task force with more than 100 participants representing all of London’s 42 neighbourhoods.  The task force met over an 11 month period and developed a shared definition of a strong neighbourhood and the 14 elements that make up a strong neighbourhood. To see the 14 elements of a strong neighbourhood, click here.

With the support of City staff, a detailed strategy and 5 year implementation plan was developed to move all of London’s neighbourhoods toward this vision.  To see the full strategy, click here.


London’s Vision of a Strong Neighbourhood:

Our London is a City of neighbourhoods.      

Our London neighbourhoods will be empowered, sustainable, safe and active communities.  We will care for and celebrate each other while encouraging diversity and inclusiveness.

Our neighbourhoods will be environmentally and socially responsible and will have available green space, vibrant local economies and accessible amenities of daily life.


Implementing the Plan

The implementation of the London Strengthening Neighbourhoods Strategy (2010 – 2015) has resulted in a series of new programs, services and funding streams that will continue to support residents in building strong neighbourhoods for the years to come.  They include:


  • Adopt-A-Park, Adopt-A-Street, Adopt-A-ESA,
  • SPARKS! Neighbourhood Matching Fund,
  • the Neighbourhood Safety Audit,
  • Walk-to-Shop,
  • Neighbourhood Association Guide,
  • Neighbourhood Event Booking,
  • NeighbourGood London web site.


To see a full list of the NeighbourGood London tools and programs, click here.

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