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London Strengthening Neighbourhoods Strategy

The heart and essence of every city and community are its neighbourhoods!


In 2009, London Strengthening Neighbourhoods Strategy (2010-2015) was developed by a resident task force with more than 100 participants representing all of London’s 42 neighbourhoods.  With the support of City staff, a detailed strategy and 5 year implementation plan was developed to move all of London’s neighbourhoods toward the vision below:

Our London is a City of neighbourhoods.

Our London neighbourhoods will be empowered, sustainable, safe and active communities.  We will care for and celebrate each other while encouraging diversity and inclusiveness.

Our neighbourhoods will be environmentally and socially responsible and will have available green space, vibrant local economies and accessible amenities of daily life.

To see the full strategy, click here.

The programs and tools that came out of the original LSNS are now part of the NeighbourGood London initiative and can be reviewed here.

London Strengthening Neighbourhoods Strategy (2017-2020)

To support Council’s focus on “Strengthening Our Community by building vibrant, connected and engaged neighbourhoods”, identified in Strategic Plan for the City of London (2015 – 2019), City staff worked with neighbourhood stakeholder groups to engage with Londoners across the city in order to develop a new London Strengthening Neighbourhoods Strategy 2017 – 2020 (LSNS 2). In total, over 4,500 Londoners contributed to the development of this plan.

The focus of LSNS 2 is based on Council’s desire to support neighbourhood driven activities and decision making, and build upon the many other city building initiatives that have taken place over the last five years.  The strategies and action steps outlined in LSNS 2017 – 2020 align with the Strategic Plan’s strategy to support neighbourhood driven activities and decision making to strengthen all of London’s neighbourhoods.

The final London Strengthening Neighbourhoods Strategy (2017 – 2020) document is available for review on the side bar in two formats; one for printing in black and white and the other for viewing online in colour.

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