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London's Neighbourhood Action Plans

A neighbourhood plan is a written document that does three essential things.  It provides a vision of what you would like your neighbourhood to look like; it sets out clear goals to achieve that vision; and it gives you an action plan to reach those goals.

Neighbourhood Action Plans are documents developed by groups of residents, who wish to achieve any or all of the following:

  • Increased knowledge of the neighbourhood, the community and the programs available;
  • Increased opportunities for people to participate in a wide range of recreational, social and educational activities;
  • Increased opportunities for community members to be involved and engaged in their neighbourhood (reduced isolation);
  • Stronger community leadership for the long-term; and,
  • A stronger and more vibrant neighbourhood where all individuals feel safe and proud to live.

Kipps Lane:  In 2010, a group of residents (Kipps Lane and Community Group) formed to implement their Neighbourhood Action Plan and continue to build a stronger neighbourhood.  This group meets regularly and welcomes new members.  For more information email the chair, Fern Paterson.

Argyle:  In 2012, resident leaders formed a steering committee to develop a vision and 5 priorities for the Argyle neighbourhood.  Over several months they prepared to engage the residents and stakeholders to solicit feedback and input prior to the development of a resident-led Neighbourhood Action Plan. The results are still making a difference today.  For more information, visit the Discover Argyle website.

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