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Ending Poverty

Ending Poverty

When the Child and Youth Network (CYN) began working together in 2007, community partners representing organizations that support and empower children, youth and families came together to begin conversations to address a very significant community problem: 1 in every 5 children born in London was living in poverty.

Through the Child and Youth Network, this group of community partners are committed to taking a collaborative approach to tackle this challenge. While the impact of this work is not always easily visible, partners are confident that if they focus on this deep-rooted social issue together, all Londoners will have a future where our children, youth, and families are supported to reach their full potential.

The Ending Poverty priority recognizes that poverty is a complicated social problem that requires a multi-faceted approach. Our approach recognizes that there are several stages to provide support to children, youth and families experiencing poverty in our community. We understand that the basic needs of individuals must first be met, followed by a strategic approach to impact system change and breaking the cycle of poverty.

To help meet the immediate basic needs of Londoner’s, the Food Families program brings together a group of neighbourhood families on a regular basis to form a network that supports, encourages, and mentors one another using food. The goal of Food Families is to build food literacy skills that increase families’ buying power and increase the sharing of practical and affordable ways to eat well.

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