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Leak Allowance

Customer Assistance Program

Customers who experience a severe plumbing failure inside their homes can apply for one-time assistance for the water and wastewater charges on their bill. This program is a one-time grant and any future charges shall be paid for in full by the customer. This program does not cover costs associated with repairs, replacement or any other costs associated with the failure. Only the volumetric charges on the Water Utilities Bill during the period of the failure are eligible. Water and wastewater charges incurred as a result of irrigation, filling pools or hot tubs, car washing and/or other outdoor or discretionary water uses are not eligible for assistance.

The application and all required documentation must be submitted within two months of detecting the issue and completion of repair.

What qualifies?

• Single family residential properties

• The usage must be at least three times the average usage

• Plumbing must be in compliance with government regulations

What does not qualify?

• Homes that are vacant or premises that are unattended when the failure occurred

• Industrial, commercial and institutional properties

• Multi-unit residential properties

• Outdoor water usage such as, but not limited to, pools, hot tubs, hoses, irrigation systems or neglect of private property

How to apply

Please fill out the application and submit all required documentation within

two months of detecting the issue and completion of repair. City of London staff will respond to you within approximately 10 business days of your submission.

Completed application form must include the following information:

• Copies of receipts for supplies bought to correct the issue

• If a licensed plumber was used, a copy of the licensed plumber’s invoice

• Photos before and after the repair (clearly showing the issue and repair)

What to expect if you are approved

• Your average usage will be used to calculate your water bill for the months the leaks occurred

• A maximum of 3 months of water and wastewater usage charges only, may be credited to your water bill

•The repair, replacement or any other associated costs due to the failure will not be


It is expected that customers who have left their homes for extended periods will take precautionary

measures to prevent unnecessary water use. Closing the service valve at the meter is one way to

prevent these issues, but the customer should take care to ensure the pipes in the home do not

freeze and any appliances or fixtures that require water will not be affected.