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Annual and Summary Reports

Each year the City of London submits an Annual and Summary Report to the Ministry of the Environment detailing the results of 1,000s of tests that were taken throughout the drinking water system that year. 

The City of London is legislated to ensure that an Annual Report for the period of January 1 through to December 31 is prepared no later than February 28th of the following year.

The Annual Report is to contain:

  • A brief description of the drinking water system, including a list of water treatment chemicals used by the system;
  • A summary of the results of required tests;
  • A summary of any adverse test results reported and corrective actions taken; and
  • A description of any major expenses incurred to install, repair or replace required equipment.

The City of London’s Annual Report can be downloaded, or hard copies of the latest report can be picked up at the Customer Service Division, 8th Floor, City Hall.

The City is also obligated to provide a Summary Report by no later than March 31 of each year.

The Summary Report is to contain:

  • A list of any regulatory requirements applicable to the system that were not met at any time during the period covered by the report, the duration of the failure, and the measures that were taken to correct the failure; and,
  • A summary of the quantities and flow rates of the water supplied during the period covered by the report, including monthly average and maximum daily flows and compared to the rated capacity of the system.