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Lead Service Replacement Program

Homeowners who wish to have their lead service replaced may participate in the Lead Service Extension Replacement Program. This program requires the homeowner to hire a contractor to replace the portion of the lead service that is on their property (from the water meter in the basement, out to the property line). Once this has been completed, the City will replace the portion on public property at no cost to the homeowner. The City requires that the alignment of the new water service is in the same location as the existing water line. If there is a need to alter this location for any reason, please contact our Water Supervisor to arrange a site visit (519-661-2489 ext. 7559). Please have your contractor contact our Water Supervisor in advance to co-ordinate the installation. Failure to do so may result in additional charges.

Homeowners are required to obtain plumbing permits for this work. The permit can be obtained at the City of London Building Division, 7th Floor, City Hall (519-661-4555). The work needs to be inspected and approved by the Building Division prior to the City replacing the public portion of the lead service. Most reputable contractors will coordinate their work with the City to ensure a smooth and quick transition between the private side lead service replacement and the public side replacement. Prior to starting, contractors can call London’s Water Services Supervisor (519-661-2489 ext. 7559) to inquire about lead service replacement coordination.

For general inquiries regarding lead service replacements please refer to the Contact Us listing.

Lead Service Replacement Loan Program

Homeowners seeking financial assistance for the replacement of their lead service can submit an application form for the Lead Service Extension Replacement Loan Program. This program will allow homeowners to apply the cost of their lead service replacement to their property tax bill and pay it back over ten years.

The Lead Service Extension Replacement Loan Program is designed to provide financial assistance, to owner-occupied dwellings, containing three or fewer dwelling units. This program is not retroactive for those who have already replaced their lead services. The applicant owner(s) will be required to complete an application form, and the City must confirm that the service extension material is lead. Every person who is registered on title as an owner of the property is required to sign the application. In addition to the completed application form the applicant owner(s) must provide: 

  • a minimum of 3 quotes for the work from bona fide qualified contractors . The quotes must detail what work is to be done, and show costs separately for each portion of work (i.e. separate line item prices for service extension replacement, driveway restoration, front yard restoration, internal plumbing modifications up to the water meter, etc.). Only prices related to service extension replacement are eligible for the loan;
  • a completed, signed Loan Agreement;
  • such other information or documentation as may be required by the City Engineer


Applications are to be submitted to:
Water Operations Engineer
Water Operations Division
A.J. Tyler Operations Centre
663 Bathurst Street
London, ON, N5Z 1P8.


Approval notices will be provided to the homeowner within 2 weeks of the City receiving the completed application. Homeowners are not permitted to commence the lead service extension replacement until they receive their written loan approval. Homeowners who commence work prior to loan approval will do so at their own risk, as there is no guarantee of loan approval. Loan payment will be made after the work is completed, has been inspected and approved by the Building Division, and a copy of the final invoice has been submitted to the Water Operations Engineer. The loan Cheque will be made payable to the registered homeowner(s). It is the responsibility of the homeowners to pay the contractor for the completed work. The City is not responsible for payment to the contractor.

For complete program details please see the Lead Service Extension Replacement Loan Program Project Guidelines.

Whether you participate in the loan program or not, it is always a good practice to solicit quotes from more than one source, and to ask questions regarding the different method options that may exist.

If you choose to replace your water service, we will perform a follow-up water sample analysis in order to quantify the lead level improvement, if you so desire. For more information regarding the Lead Service Replacement Program please call us at 519-661-4739.