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front load washing machine

Washing Machines

Finding savings in your laundry

Everyone has to wash their clothes.  It's important to be as water efficient as possible when doing so. Washing full loads of laundry with a high efficiency front-loading washing machine is the best way to conserve water.

Washing machines: Did you know?

  • A traditional washing machine uses approximately 190 L of water to wash a large load.
  • In contrast, a high efficiency washing machine can save you up to 100 L per large load of laundry.

Small things you can do to make a big difference:

  • Be as water efficient as possible: use the load selector to match the water level required for the size of the load.
  • Try to wash full loads, if a load selection is not possible. This will help you save money, water, energy and detergent.
  • When buying a new washing machine, consider purchasing a front-loading model.  These machines use less water, less energy, less soap and are gentler on your clothes.
  • Use cold water as often as possible.  You'll save money and conserve hot water for other uses. In addition, cold water washes do less damage to clothes.
  • Use environmentally friendly detergents that have no phosphate and are biodegradable.
  • Check for and repair any leaks around the washing machine taps and hoses
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