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Blue W

The Blue W

What is Blue W?

Blue W is a national non-profit network of shops, restaurants and businesses willing to let visitors refill a reusable bottle with safe and refreshing tap water anywhere across the country without pressure to make additional purchases.  Participating locations,are promoted on the Blue W website. People with limited access to technology can print one of our city maps or simply look for the Blue W sticker on their favourite shop windows.

How does my company get involved in the Blue W?

Without community businesses the Blue W network would not exist. Blue W believes there is a special responsibility to their network of participating businesses and in exchange for their willingness to provide public access to free tap water, Blue W provides promotional business listings through their website database and smart phone applications. Participating businesses will benefit from increased walk-in foot traffic and receive positive recognition identifying your company as a progressive community-oriented business.

By signing up with the Blue W you help to support the hard work of local municipal water suppliers, make water more accessible to the public, raise awareness about water issues and help your community meet its sustainability goals.

How can I learn more?

Visit Blue W's website

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