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French fries in grease

Your Turn

Fats, oil and grease (FOG) cause London's sewer system major grief when they're poured down your sink or into your toilet.  Sewers can become blocked when this FOG hardens, and you could end up flooding your basement or even your neighbour's.

FOG that does make it through the pipes to our wastewater treatment plants costs Londoners huge amounts of money every year to remove.

Here is a link to a pamphlet with further information.

How can you help?

The Your Turn cups can be delivered to the EnviroDepots or the Depot at the W12A Landfill Site and placed in a dedicated cart.  The Cups are then brought to a site turning waste FOG into green electricity.

FOG-Cups fro Green electricity

Replacement cups are available at the EnviroDepots and London Public Library locations currently free of charge.

Wastewater and Fire messages on Your Turn cup

The cups can also be placed in the garbage which is commonly done.

Pollution Prevention is the most cost effective and sustainable method to deal with plugged sewers and raw sewage overflows in your neighbourhood. Your cooperation adds up to a significant and measurable impact.  Talk to your neighbours and encourage them to use the cups also.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is Your turn?

    “Your turn” is a pollution prevention pilot project.  All you need to do is pour your FATS, OILS AND GREASE (FOG) waste into the cup until it's full, put it in your freezer to harden, and then toss it into your garbage before your next garbage collection day.  Alternatively, full cups can be taken to the Solid Waste Depots. Here, they will be collected and supplied to a company which will use the FOG to generate electricity.

  • Why Use a degradable cup?

    By using this degradable cup we reduce the impact on our landfill and increase the recycling of materials like glass, cans and plastic that would be otherwise used for this FOG material.  Alternatively, the cups and the grease can be consumed by the bacteria producing methane in large tanks called digesters.  The methane gas is used to generate green electricity.

  • How does this help?

    The buildup of FOG in your own drain and in the sewers under your street can lead to basement flooding and raw sewage flowing out of manholes on your street.  Every year sewer lines in London require flushing for regular maintenance but the frequency of flushing in some areas has increased due to FOG. 

  • Can I get more Your turn cups?

    Contact Barry Orr, with the City of London Wastewater Treatment Operations, at 519 963 0999 OR Replacement cups are also available at the EnviroDepots and London Public Library locations.

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