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Dundas Street (Old East Village) Infrastructure Renewal

Old East Village (OEV) is envisioned as a vibrant commercial core with a unique heritage character that serves as a community hub for local residents and draws visitors as a distinct destination. The construction plans for this project align with the vision for this area that has been developed to continue the momentum of three decades of revitalization efforts, the ongoing evolution and the current success of Old East Village and the surrounding areas.

The Location:

Construction work will be done on Dundas Street between Adelaide Street North and Ontario Street in OEV beginning in 2020. The map below shows the construction project limits from English Street to Ontario Street in 2020 and from Adelaide Street to English Street in 2021.

dundas street old east village construction project limits

The Timeline:

  • Phase 1 construction begins: Spring 2020
  • Phase 1 construction ends: Fall 2020
  • Phase 2 construction begins: Spring 2021
  • Phase 2 construction ends: Fall 2021

The Work:

This project will improve the streetscape while simultaneously addressing necessary underground work, including replacing and upgrading utilities, aging sewers.

The Transportation Impacts:

While work is underway on Dundas Street, between English Street and Rectory Street, drivers and cyclists will be able to access Dundas Street off of Rectory Street to head east only. The intersection of English and Dundas Streets will be completely closed. Pedestrian access will be maintained throughout the construction zone. Cyclists are reminded to dismount to pass through the construction zone. 

A signed detour route will be in place on King Street for traffic heading east and on Queens Avenue for traffic heading west.

The Dundas Street (Old East Village) Vision:

Guided by the the Old East Village Dundas Street Corridor Secondary Plan, the Dundas Street (Old East Village) Infrastructure Renewal project follows the following principles:

  • Foster the local and creative entrepreneurial spirit and support community economic development
  • Respect and reinvest in heritage resources to enhance the unique character of the area
  • Provide a distinct retail offer with a wide range of commercial uses including restaurants and cafes
  • Create a safe and welcoming environment to pedestrians and cyclists of all ages and abilities
  • Establish safe connections to the local transit system and surface parking lots; and
  • Support properly scaled residential growth.

dundas street old east village streetscape design

The rendering above shows how, through complete street design, various features work together to help define paths that accommodate multiple types of movements including driving, biking and walking.

Construction Updates:

Old East Village Construction Update - July 15, 2020

The Benefits:

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  • Walking

    Pedestrian experience will be improved by installing wider sidewalks, trees and including urban design elements like the addition unique concrete planters that that help create an attractive ambiance that distinguishes this portion of Dundas Street as a/the hub in the Old East Village community.

  • Cycling

    This project will change the cycling landscape in London by establishing a permanent cycling facility that will connect the TVP to Ontario Street and back through the implementation of the East-West Bikeway.  Cycle lanes will encourage comfortable commuting without vehicles.

  • Green Infrastructure

    100 trees have been proposed which will grow to provide shade and promote environmental sustainability.

  • Transit

    Transit stops have been integrated into the design with a high level of focus on the safety of transit users. Bus bays at Lyle and Elizabeth Streets will provide space for buses to stop outside of normal travel lanes which facilitates the flow of vehicular traffic.  The transit stops will also include new amenities where possible.

  • Parking

    On-street parking will be provided on the north side of Dundas Street.

  • Utilities

    Existing overhead utilities will be relocated underground to enhance the overall look of Dundas Street and reduce instances of damage from severe weather and conflicts with growing trees. New, brighter street lighting will improve accessibility and overall street safety.

Project Updates:

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