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East London Link

East London Link

With recent funding commitments from the Government of Canada and the Province of Ontario to support 10 transit and transit-supportive projects in London, the City is heading into the detailed design phase for the East London Link.

The East London Link, which will revitalize more than 6 km of road from Downtown to Fanshawe College while connecting east London with improved transit, is scheduled for construction from 2022 to 2024.

The project will add rapid transit and transportation improvements while completing necessary underground repairs and replacements of aging sewers and watermains.

It will support the revitalization of Old East Village and development of the former London Psychiatric Hospital and McCormick’s lands, while linking Fanshawe’s downtown and eastern campuses.

The project will also provide opportunities to support stronger transit links to the City’s eastern industrial employment areas, with the potential for buses to continue travelling east in mixed traffic to the airport.

Project location

East London Link Map

Scope of project

  • The project will revitalize 6.3 km of road, from Downtown to Fanshawe College, while completing necessary underground work on sewers and watermains.
  • Buses will be removed from mixed traffic with the goal of improving capacity in general traffic lanes and increasing transit frequency and reliability.
  • Highbury Bridge, Highbury Avenue and Oxford Street will be widened to establish continuous transit lanes, where buses will travel in centre-running lanes beside a curb-height median on the left and general traffic lanes on the right.
  • On Dundas, Highbury, and Oxford, buses will travel in centre-running transit lanes beside a curb-height median on the left and general traffic lanes on the right.
  • On King Street, buts will travel in two curbside transit lanes - eastbound and westbound - with a single lane of eastbound general traffic travelling in the centre lane.
  • There is potential to extend transit service to the London International Airport in the future.
  • There will also be an opportunity to provide a stronger link to the City’s eastern industrial employment areas from a transit hub at Fanshawe College.
  • Dedicated turn lanes will be added at signalized intersections to enhance driver safety and increase capacity, and active transportation infrastructure will be added to support cycling and walking.

Project timeline

The project is scheduled for phased construction from 2022 to 2024. Like any other City road project, construction will improve short stretches of road at a time, with lots of advance communication and notice to impacted residents and businesses in the area.

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