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Colborne Street Cycle Track Extension (Phase 2)

As part of the City’s plans to improve cycling connections into downtown, the existing Colborne Street cycle track, which provides a separated cycling lane between Horton Street and Dufferin Avenue, will be extended north to Oxford Street East. The City is scheduled to begin construction of the Colborne Cycle Track Extension in August 2020, in coordination with other scheduled road work.

The following images demonstrate how the road looks now, as well as how it will look with the proposed design. 

Existing Conditions - Colborne Street from Dufferin Avenue to Oxford Street East

Existing Conditions









Proposed Conditions - Colborne Street from Dufferin Avenue to Oxford Street

Proposed Conditions









Key features to note are:

  • The existing road width will be maintained, with widening taking place at some intersections.
  • The majority of concrete curbs will be maintained, and asphalt will be replaced on Colborne Street from Dufferin Avenue to Oxford Street East.
  • Improvements are planned for the intersection at Central Avenue, including widening curbs to accommodate the cycle track through the intersection.
  • To avoid significant impacts to properties on Colborne Street, the cycle track has been designed to fit within the existing curb-to-curb width. This will result in the removal of on-street parking and may result in the removal of left-turn vehicle lanes at the Pall Mall Street and Piccadilly Street intersections;
  • Bus stop designs will consist of a shared cycle track/bus stop, where cyclists can ride through the transit boarding area when no passengers are present, but must stop for passengers when boarding and exiting.
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