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East London Link

Estimated Cost: $120.2 million

Projected Timeline: 2022 – 2024

Funding Status: Project has received funding support from Government of Canada and Government of Ontario. 

Project Description:

Connecting East London with improved transit would link Fanshawe College’s eastern and downtown campuses, support revitalization of Old East Village and encourage development of the former London Psychiatric Hospital and McCormick’s lands. Transit service to the London International Airport could be improved with the potential for buses to run every 15 minutes in mixed traffic along Oxford Street to the airport. There would also be an opportunity to provide a stronger link to the City’s eastern industrial employment areas from a transit hub at Fanshawe College.

Buses would be removed from mixed traffic with the goal of improving capacity in general traffic lanes and increasing transit frequency and reliability. On King Street, buses would travel in curbside transit lanes. Along the rest of the corridor, they would travel in centre-running transit lanes beside a small, curb-height median on the left and general traffic lanes on the right. Large concrete barriers would only be included near transit stations to enhance passenger safety. The project would coordinate necessary underground work, including replacing aging sewers and watermains. It would add dedicated turn lanes at signalized intersections to enhance driver safety and increase capacity, and active transportation infrastructure to support cycling and walking. To take advantage of environmental benefits and potentially lower operating costs, purchasing electric buses   is being explored.

Work Required to Complete this Project:

  • Revitalize 6.3 km of road, from Downtown to Fanshawe College, while completing necessary underground work on sewers and watermains
  • Install transit stations
  • Widen Highbury Bridge, Highbury Avenue and Oxford Street to establish continuous transit lanes. Install transit lanes on King and Dundas Streets.
  • Install smarter traffic signals to reduce intersection delays and shorten travel times, including transit signal priority, sensors and video

Additional Considerations:

  • The Transit Project Assessment Process is nearing completion, so design and construction could progress immediately.
  • Emergency services vehicles could use transit lanes to reduce response time.
  • Potential for some buses to serve London International Airport in mixed traffic.

Funding Eligibility Criteria:

  • Improved transit capacity
  • Improved transit safety and quality
  • Improved transit access


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