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Bus shelter on side of road.

Bus Stop Amenities

Estimated Cost: $1.1 million

Projected Timeline: 2020 – 2023

Funding Status: Project has received funding support from Government of Canada and Government of Ontario. 

Project Description:

This project would allow the London Transit Commission to improve select bus stops with shelters or lighting. The Commission would purchase 60 bus shelters and install them across the city, responding to long-standing requests that cannot be completed with current available funding. To improve transit rider safety, 150 solar-powered lights would be installed at bus stop locations where lighting and/or safety concerns have been identified.

Work Required to Complete this Project:

  • Order and install shelters over the 3-year period, with concrete pads to be created prior to shelter installation 
  • Order and install lights over the 3-year period
  • All proposed shelter locations are subject to City of London approval, and depending on location, some locations may require encroachment agreements where there is a need for the shelter/pad to be on private property. 

Additional Considerations:

  • The Commission’s current shelter contract program allows three shelters to be added per year, with the contractor receiving advertising rights in exchange for adding three shelters, performing annual maintenance and cleaning.
  • Proceeding with additional shelters would result in additional operating costs for the Commission, estimated at approximately $70,000 per year for maintenance and cleaning of additional shelters the existing contract would not cover.
  • Proceeding with the lighting portion of this project would be subject to the results of a pilot project where lighting will be installed at four stops in Spring 2019.
  • This project has not been debated/discussed by the Commission.

Funding Eligibility Criteria:

  • Improved transit safety and quality
  • Improved transit access
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