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Top 10 Infrastructure Projects 2017

London’s construction season has begun, with a number of large projects scheduled.

Check out the Council Report for 2017 Infrastructure Projects in London for an overview of this years projects and programs.

Due to a favorable winter, the season has started earlier than anticipated.

The City plans to reconstruct 85 lane km of road, 25 km of sanitary and storm sewer, and 13 km of watermains. The program also includes relining of approximately 10 km of watermains and 13 km of sewer using trenchless technologies, which avoids the cost and social impact of open excavations. The 2017 investment in water, wastewater and transportation infrastructure totals $179 million.

These projects will improve water quality for residents, while reducing basement flooding and sewer overflows. Projects locations are prioritized based on the condition of the existing infrastructure.

All projects will include the necessary traffic restrictions and detours to ensure the work can be completed safely. Some locations will require road closures to complete the planned construction.  Transportation planning has been carried out to ensure these projects do not have a cumulative traffic effect in any one area of the city.

The construction planned for 2017 will have impacts on residents, businesses, and commuters. The City has been working with stakeholders to ensure those immediately affected can plan appropriately for the impacts of these projects.

Every effort is being made to ensure Londoners are aware of construction zones and traffic detours resulting from road work, sewer rehabilitation and watermain relining projects. Daily updates are available with information about road closures, ongoing and upcoming projects on City streets. The page also features an interactive map which provides information about projects by clicking on the location.

The Renew London program is a key component of Council’s Strategic Plan: Building a Sustainable City.

Top 10 City Projects

1. Western/Wharncliffe Rail Diversion from Adelaide to McLean  $12.6m
2. Dundas Street from Quebec to McCormick  $7.75m
3. Resurfacing of Veterans Memorial Parkway
from Oxford St E to Gore  $5.74m
4. Sarnia Road from 300m E of Hyde Park to 125m W of Oakridge Crossing  $4.64m
5. Wonderland / HWY 402
Highway 401 to Highway 402  $7.7m (tentative)
6. Byron Baseline Road
from North to Grandview  $5.85m
7. Baseline Road East Area
8. Queens Ave Bike Lane
Thames River to Colborne  $1m (tentative)
9. Beachwood Ave
from Commissioners to Southcrest  $4.27
10. Riverbend Tributary 'C' 
Oxford West by Westdel Brne  $7.27m

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