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What to expect during Capital Project construction

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about road construction, including information for property owners.

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  • What do I do about vibration during construction?

    ​Protect valuables:Use of heavy equipment during construction can cause vibration. Please ensure that you have protected any valuables susceptible to damage.

  • Should I protect my lawn-watering systems, landscaping and fencing?

    ​Property owners who have privately owned lawn-watering systems, ornamental landscaping, and/or fencing on the road allowance may be required, at their own expense, to remove and re-install these items onto their own property. This requirement does not apply to fences that will be replaced with noise barriers. Please contact the City Project Manager to determine if you have any items that may require relocation or removal prior to construction.

  • Should I expect an interruption in my water service?

    ​Connection of the new watermain to the existing system will result in potential service disruptions. Residents and business owners will receive a minimum of 24 hours advance notice of scheduled construction work that affects your normal water supply.

  • Will my garbage and recycling be picked up?

    ​The City and the Contractor will make every effort to maintain garbage and Blue Box collection operations during the construction. The Contractor will assist in collecting and transporting garbage and recycling if your pick-up point is blocked by construction. We recommend that you clearly label your containers with your name and address. For further information on your garbage and Blue Box service, please call the City of London at 519-661-CITY(2489) Ext. 4585.

  • Will I have access to my driveway?

    ​Yes, there will be minor delays from time to time during construction for underground service installations and concrete curing. Driveway access will be maintained to the extent possible.

  • What will happen with the boulevards after construction?

    ​Either seed or sod will be used to restore boulevards and other grassed areas affected by the construction operation. To ensure sodded areas have established a strong and healthy root system, the City's contract requires the Contractor to water and maintain the newly placed sod for 60 days following placement. During this 60 day maintenance period, the City is asking property owners to participate in the watering process to encourage growth. At the end of the 60 day period, all turf maintenance and watering of newly placed sod reverts back to the individual property owner as it was prior to construction. Once maintenance transfers back to the property owner, the City is unable to respond to any concerns regarding the failure of the restored areas to flourish as a result of the lack of watering. We remind you that the normal watering restrictions do not apply to newly seeded or sodded areas. For tips on lawn care, the City offers information on its internet web site at:

  • Who can I call if I have questions?

    ​Please refer to Renew London Road Report to find the street you're inquiring about. If the project is listed as a Capital Project, the City's Project Manager contact information will be available there. If the project is listed as Private/Utility or Developer Driven please call Public Relations at 519-661-4570.

  • What is a Capital project?

    Refers to a City of London project that replaces or repairs City owned infrastructure, such as water, sewer systems, and roads.  These components of interrelated systems provide services essential to enable, sustain and enhance societal conditions.  Every Capital project has a City of London Project Manager that can be contacted to discuss the project.

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