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Springbank Gardens

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Springbank Gardens, (CLOSED for Winter Season Oct. 15th to April 1st) located at 285 Wonderland Road South, in Wonderland Complex, captures the essence of the old Wonderland Gardens site at its peak in the 1940s.  Springbank Gardens is an ideal location for any outdoor private function or special event.  Not only can it accommodate a seated event with a covered seating option, but it also provides a unique location for a concert, presentation or show.  Or why not use the pavilion as a dance floor for an evening under the stars?  With shelter, acres of land and entertainment features, any outdoor occasion is guaranteed a success. 

Note:  Private Function (not open to the public) required to utilize Approved Caterer's List. 

Note:  Concession is not part of facility booking



  • Front 23ft. w x 14 ft. long, Back 17 ft. w x 14 ft. long
  • sound system, microphone with stand, 2 speakers, CD player
  • podium
  • six pot lights
  • accessible ramp to access bandshell runs through the Green Room

Green Room:

  • 13'1 ft. w x 10'5 ft. long
  • accessible washroom runs off this room
  • access to the ramp that takes you up to the bandshell stage door

Open Space in front of Bandshell

  • 45'5 ft. w x 100 ft. long
  • Old fountain located in the middle of this area
  • Media plates are located on the cement pad that open to anchor the tent to the ground

Guy Lombardo Pavilion (covered area)

  • 40'4 ft. w x 100 ft. long
  • Lights are located across beams which are controlled on the dimmers inside the kitchen
  • Additional lights are located every few feet along the length of the cover

Kitchenette Serveries: 

  • Private Function (not open to the public) required to utilize Approved Caterer's List
  • 14'5 ft. w x 27'5 ft. long
  • Microwave
  • Fridge
  • Three Sinks
  • Two work prep areas
  • Microwave, sinks and counters are all in stainless steel
  • Window that opens for serving

Inside Room: 

  • 10'3 ft. w x 16'2 ft. long
  • This room is used by renters for registration, storage and as a bar for weddings

Staff Room: 

  • 10'3 ft. w x 20'3 ft. long
  • 150 white chairs
  • 10 rectangle tables (6ft.)
  • 15 round tables (5ft.)


  • ALL washrooms are accessible
  • Women's: 2 stalls plus 1 handicap stall/2 sinks
  • Men's: 2 urinals plus 1 handicap stall


  • Free parking available for non exclusive use
  •  handicap parking spaces



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