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Payment Options

What Tax Payment Options are Available to Me?

When you are not paying your property taxes through your Mortgage Company, the City offers the following payment options:


  1. The City of London's Pre-Authorized Payment Plan;

  2. On-line via your bank's on-line banking website;

  3. At most financial institutions upon payment of their fee (if applicable).   Payments at financial institutions must be date stamped by the teller on or before the due date to avoid penalty;

  4. By cheque, payable to the City of London mailed in the envelope provided (Property Tax Section, P.O. Box 5256, London ON  N6A 5M6).  Do not mail cash; payments provided by mail must be postmarked on or before the due date to avoid penalty;

  5. In person on the first floor of City Hall, 300 Dufferin Avenue between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.;

  6. In the night letter depository located on the wall at the southwest corner of City Hall;

  7. By credit card using a third-party service provider. 

    The City of London does not offer the option of paying property taxes using a credit card. However, you may be able to use a third-party service provider that offers additional payment methods, including credit cards. The provider that offers the credit card method at this time is listed below for your convenience.  Third-party providers charge a fee for their service.


    Avoid late fees! Even if you pay today, the City of London may not receive your payment today. The transfer will typically take place within three to six days. However, you may encounter additional delays. Please contact the third-party service provider for more information. The City Tax Office will charge you a late payment charge if your payment is late. 

    You are responsible for making sure the City of London receives your payment by the payment due date. If you are using a third-party service provider, you must clearly understand the terms and conditions of the services you are using. Also, links to other websites, or references on this website to products, services or publications other than those of the City of London are provided only for the convenience of City of London website users. The City of London does not endorse these products, services or publications.


What Charges are Imposed if Tax Payments to the City are Late?

Penalty/interest of 1.25% is charged on taxes due and unpaid on the first day of default and the first day of each month thereafter.

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