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Skateboard Parks

The City of London has 11 skateboarding parks throughout the City with varying degrees of difficulty (neighbourhood, district and city wide levels) located in 5 geographic sectors of the city: Central (C), North East (NE), North West (NW), South East (SE), South West (SW).


Basil Grover Skateboard Park (SW)
Kiwanis Skateboard Plaza (SE)
Medway - Kiwanis Skate Bowls (NW)
Naiomi-Almeida Skateboard Park (SE)
Rivers Edge Skateboard Park (SE)
Springbank - Byron Skateboard Park (SW)
Stronach Skateboard Park (NE)
Victoria Skateboard Park (C)
West Lions Skateboard Park (C)
White Oaks Skateboard Park (SW)
Wolseley Skateboard Park(NE)

Basil Grover Skateboard Park  

555 Wharncliffe Road South City Map

(located southwest of Wharncliffe and Commissioners Road)

Features at this neighbourhood skateboard park include:

  • mini quarter pipe
  • flat bar
  • stairs
  • ledges and wedge bank combinations

This park is geared towards beginner and intermediate level skaters.

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Kiwanis Skateboard Plaza

1475 Brydges Street City Map
(located near intersection of Brydges Street and Graydon Street)

This district skateboard park is a "Plaza" style design covering approximately 1700 square meters.
Some of the features included are:

  • hubba style ledges
  • banks
  • pier 7 manual pad
  • lily pads
  • jersey barrier
  • hips curved ledge with extension and gap
  • pump bump sequence
  • transition gap
  • concave ledge
  • corner C-ledges
  • euro gap
  • transition/mini ramp feature
  • coin bank

This park is geared towards beginner and intermediate skaters.

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Medway - Kiwanis Skate Bowls

1051 Wonderland Road North City Map
(located beside Ray Lanctin Memorial Arena and Medway Community Centre)

Features at this district skateboard park include:

  • wave
  • pump track
  • roll in
  • step up or transfer/sub box
  • near vert wall ride/transfer/sub box
  • graduating mullet hip transfer
  • escalating bowled corner
  • mullet spine
  • graduating beginner mullet hip transfer/90 HP/ rounded pump hip
  • 25 degree hip
  • tight radius 25 degree corner
  • 2 waterfalls
  • 45 degree hip
  • over-vert clamshell
  • larger deck space
  • 150 mullet gap hip/straight line 90 mullet hip/rounded pump hip
  • 56 degree mullet

This park is geared to intermediate and advanced skaters.

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Naiomi-Almeida Skateboard Park

828 Deveron Crescent City Map
(located between Eula White Place and Phair Crescent)

Features at this neighbourhood skateboard parks include:

  • one quarter pipe
  • one bank structure
  • rails
  • boxes
  • ledges

Geared toward beginner and intermediate skill levels

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Rivers Edge Skateboard Park

15 St. Julien Street City Map
(located on St. Julien street beside River Edge disc golf course)

Features at this neighbourhood skateboard park includes:

  • quarter pipe with platform
  • various banks and hubba ledges
  • manni pad with square grind rail
  • 6 foot high ramp

This skateboard park has features suitable for all levels of skaters.

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Springbank - Byron Skateboard Park

1085 Commissioners Road West City Map
(located near west parking lot of Springbank Park)

Features at this skateboard park include:

  • 5 stair sets with landing "roof top' hubba ledges, and round handrail
  • wedge to wedge banks with a flat and roof top ledge
  • 21/2 foot hip
  • 3 foot cantilevered bank

This neighbourhood level park is geared to beginners and intermediate skaters.

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Stronach Skateboard Park

1221 Sandford Street City Map
(located north of Stronach Recreation Park)

Features at this district level skateboard park includes:

  • fun boxes
  • a bank structure
  • a pocket wall
  • a ledge structure
  • fun box/ramp combination

This park is geared towards beginners to intermediate skill levels.

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Victoria Skateboard Park

580 Clarence Street City Map
(located downtown)

Victoria Park has skateboarding installations on the concrete pad in front of the band shell.  Popularly referred to as the Ledge Land, this skateboard park is known for:

  • 18 inch concrete grind boxes

More advanced skaters take advantage of these.

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West Lions Skateboard Park

20 Granville Street City Map
(located beside Kinsmen Recreation Centre)

Features at this neighbourhood skateboard park include:

  • a mini ramp
  • mini half pipe
  • two small ledges
  • pyramids

West Lions Park is more suited for beginner to intermediate skill levels

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White Oaks Skateboard Park

70 Ponderosa Crescent City MapWhite Oak Skateboard Park Design
(located along Bradley Avenue)

This concrete park is the newest in the city, its features include:

  • Banks
  • Bank hip
  • Ledges
  • Stairs
  • Rails
  • Tranny bank
  • Wedge to Wedge
  • Hubba Ledge
  • Roof Top Ledge


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Wolseley Skateboard Park

656 Elizabeth Street City Map
(located west of CHOCC)

This concrete park is the largest in the city, its features include:

  • replica pool
  • rollers
  • a 9 stair set with rail, step-up hubbas and bump to ledge
  • 2 flat and 3 double stair set with rails, step-up, hubbas, bump to ledge and up ledge
  • floating kicker/step up and down hip
  • quarter pipe to bank and step up combination
  • long hubba/bump to ledge combination
  • bank to floating ledge
  • 30 brick euro hip
  • hubba, bump to ledge, bank to tranny ledge/wallie transfer combination

This citywide skateboard park has features suitable for all levels of skaters.

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