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Downtown Parking

Extended Time in Municipal Parking Lots for New Year's Eve

Motorists who park in any City of London municipal parking lot on New Year’s Eve only need to pay until midnight and can leave their vehicles for free until New Year's Day at 1 p.m., without the risk of receiving a parking ticket or being towed. Municipal lots are marked with a green symbol showing the letter "P" and should not be confused with lots owned by private companies. All on-street and overnight parking regulations must be adhered to.

There are 19 municipal lots eligible in the downtown, Richmond Row and Old East areas of the city, with over 1500 lot spaces available:

  1. Lot 1 Dundas/Elizabeth/English Street – 434 Elizabeth Street
  2. Lot 2 Dundas/Elizabeth/Adelaide – 641 Queens Avenue
  3. Lot 3N Oxford West of Richmond – 743 Richmond Street
  4. Lot 3E  Piccadilly/Oxford St E. - 234 Piccadilly Street
  5. Lot 3W Piccadilly West of Richmond – 210 Piccadilly Street
  6. Lot 4 Adelaide/Marshall Street (Tolpuddle) 635 Marshall Street
  7. Lot 5 Queens Ave East of Richmond – 185 Queens Avenue
  8. Lot 6 Kent Street West of Richmond – 174 Kent Street
  9. Lot 7 Dundas/Rectory - 824 Dundas Street
  10. Lot 8 Budweiser Gardens - 99 Dundas Street
  11. Lot 11 King Street East of Thames – 331 Thames Street
  12. Lot 12 Ridout/Horton Street – 199 Ridout Street N
  13. Lot 15 Convention Centre – 300 York Street
  14. Lot 16 205 Oxford Street
  15. Lot 17 Thames Street – 331 Thames Street
  16. Lot 19 Museum London – 421 Ridout Street
  17. Lot 20 – 155 Kent Street
  18. Lot 21 – 558 Talbot Street
  19. Lot 22 – 695 Richmond Street

Free Holiday Parking - Old East Village

The City of London is pleased to provide free parking in the Old East Village shopping district, Dundas St. between Adelaide St. and Ontario St., during the month of December.

Anyone wishing to take advantage of this free holiday parking should note that each meter has a maximum parking time limit of two hours. Vehicles parked longer than the posted maximum time are subject to parking tickets. Free parking does not apply in parking lots and all other signs must be adhered to. The free holiday parking does not allow overnight parking between the hours of 3:00AM to 5:00AM.

Only specially marked on-street individual meters qualify for free parking, be sure to look for the "Free Parking - 2 Hours max. Courtesy of City of London" notice on each meter. Paid parking is applicable in all other areas of the city.

Holiday Parking Map

New On-Street Metered Parking Initiative

The City of London is pleased to announce a convenient new on-street parking initiative designed to benefit parking customers who purchase Pay n Display receipts. This new program will allow Londoners to use the receipt at other on-street metered parking spots until the expiration time noted on the receipt. 

Meter time may be purchased at any on-street Pay n Display parking meter and used again at any on-street Pay n Display or individual meter as long as the receipt has time remaining. The receipt must be displayed so that the expiry time is visible on the dashboard of the vehicle and parking signs must be followed.

Please note:

  • Receipts purchased at master meters in off-street City Parking lots cannot be used at on-street metered areas
  • All on-street signage must be adhered to
  • Pay attention to the time limits posted on each meter
  • Pay attention to the time the receipt expires
  • On-street receipts have red text indicating they are valid at all on-street metered areas only. These receipts are not valid in off-street parking lots

Need a Place to Park?

The City of London manages approximately 20% of available parking downtown with 20 Municipal Parking Lots available to the public.

Monthly parking permits are based on availability in selected Municipal lots. For availability or more information please call 519-661-4537

  • All City managed and owned lots are identified with a green “P” symbol
  • All off-street Municipal lots are unattended and are on a first come first serve basis
  • When parking in a Municipal lot you are required to display your permit at all times. If you do not have a permit you are required to purchase a receipt from one of the pay and display mastermeters located in the lot and display the receipt on your dashboard, not doing so will be subject to a parking infraction
  • Do you have a faulty meter, call 519-661-4537 with the meter number to report the problem




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