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Housing Referral Services

The housing referral services listed below are services that help individuals and families on limited incomes, who live in London.  We invite you to visit the website of each referral services for more information by clicking on the link or contacting them by telephone.

Addictions Supportive Housing (ASH)
200 Queens Avenue
Tel: 519-673-3242
ASH is not emergency housing. They assist people in London and County of Middlesex who have trouble maintaining housing due to their substance use and is looking to make positive changes in their life.

Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA)
534 Queens Avenue
Tel: 519-433-2023 or 519-433-1071 ext. 4403
Toll Free: 1-866-933-2023
Need to talk? Support Line: 519-601-8055
Offer support to secure permanent housing throughout the city of London and Middlesex County for singles, couples and families who have a history of homelessness, and do not receive any other formal community supports. There are other programs and services available. Visit their website.

Centre for Equality Rights in Accommodation (CERA)
Toll Free: 1-800-263-1139
CERA works to end housing discrimination in Ontario.

Discretionary Benefits, City of London
Tel: 519-661-5910
Special funds for social assistance recipients and Londoners with low income to pay for necessary medical goods and related items. 

Fanshawe College Referral Services
Tel. 519-452-4138
The Housing Office compiles a list of available student accommodation in the private market that is made available through the Fanshawe Student Services Department off Campus.

Habitat for Humanity
Tel. 519-455-6623
A non-profit, non-governmental organization that builds new homes for low income families.

Housing, Health Hazards
Tel: 519-663-5317 ext. 2300 
If you have questions or concerns about a housing issue, speak to a Public Health Inspector on the Environmental Health Team at the Middlesex-London Health Unit.

Housing Stability Bank Services 
Tel. 519-964-3663 ext. 300
Provide small grants and interest-free loans to assist Londoners with low income in obtaining and retaining their housing and to keep those at risk of homelessness housed.

Information London
Tel. 519-432-2211
There is no office location for Information London.  It is owned and operated by the Health Care Services.  Information and referral services can be found on their website.

Landlord & Tenant Board, Ontario
150 Dufferin Avenue, Suite 400
Toll Free: 1-888-332-3234
Notify the Landlord and Tenant Board to resolve any residential disputes between landlords and tenants in Ontario.

London CAReS
186 King Street
Tel: 519-667-2273
Improving the health and housing outcomes of individuals experiencing homelessness in London, Ontario.

London Community Resource Centre 
201 King Street
Tel. 519-432-1801
A non-profit community resource centre provides support services to individuals, with a particular focus on employment, housing and referral to other community agencies and help in the organizational development of voluntary community groups and emerging non-profits.

London Inter-Community Health Centre 
659 Dundas Street
Tel: 519-660-0874
Provider services for people who are homeless. Services include health care, screenings, counselling, advocacy, outreach and crisis intervention, and help to apply for a birth certificate.

London Health Integration Network Homecare Services
356 Oxford Street West
Tel. 519-473-2222
Toll Free. 1-800-811-5147
A legislated central service funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health to help seniors and others to find the appropriate placements in long-term care facilities and/or to access available home support service.

March of Dimes 
291 King Street
Tel. 519-642-3999
A home and vehicle modification program (HVMP) that service people with physical disabilities throughout the country.

Middlesex-London Health Unit
Tel: 519-663-5317 ext. 2300
The Middlesex-London Health Unit is a key part of the local health system and delivers programs and services that are part of the HPPA

Neighbourhood Legal Services (NLS), London & Middlesex
383 Richmond Street, Unit 910
Tel: 519-438-2890
Provider traditional poverty law services to low-income residents of London and Middlesex County. They offer free summary advice for tenants as part of the Tenant Duty Counsel (TDC) program. 

OESP-Ontario Electricity Support Program
Toll Free: 1-855-831-8151
There is help for lower-income households on electricity bill. Monthly credit applied directly to the electricity bill of eligible applicants based on how many people living in the home and their combined household income.

Property Standards, City of London
300 Dufferin Avenue, 7th Floor
Tel: 519-661-4660
Addresses different scenarios, both in rental and owner-occupied properties; investigates structural or unsafe conditions and landlord/tenant issues about property standards (e.g. heat, insects, and hazards).

Tenants Rights, Ontario
Tel: Information on website only
Tenants wants to know more about their rights as a tenant? This website have all the information on tenant and landlord rights about disputes resolution, rent increase regulation, and access to the Residential Tenancies Act. 

University of Western Ontario (UWO) Referral Services 
Tel. 519-661-3550
Listings of current available student accommodation in the private market may be viewed in the Off-Campus Housing Office from 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m., seven days a week.  Locations are listed in Room 109 in the Elgin Hall.


To connect with other housing referral services not listed and different services in various municipalities click on the link 211 

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