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Homeless Prevention and Housing Plan

Housing Services Act, 2011:

On January 1, 2012, the Housing Services Act (HSA) came into effect guided by Ontario’s Long Term Affordable Housing Strategy. It established a new provincial framework for homeless and housing related services delivered through municipal service managers by January 2014.


The Homeless Prevention and Housing Plan 2010 to 2024:

The Homeless Prevention and Housing Plan  relies upon and updates our existing homelessness and housing strategies to ensure all HSA legislative requirements are met and extend out to the required ten year legislated duration.


The Homeless Prevention and Housing Plan acts as an umbrella document reflecting work that has been ongoing for over 10 years through the current and relevant London Community Housing Strategy and Community Plan on Homelessness, as well as other housing and homelessness related plans, consultation, and service activities - including those within Re-Think London, Age Friendly London, London CAReS, and the more recent Homeless Prevention System for London – A Three Year Implementation Plan, (CPSC April 2013). 

Report to Council Housing Leadership Committee

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