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Recycling Truck

Sort it Right

Recycling in London - Sort It Right!

The images below are from the City's Material Recovery Facility (MRF). The MRF is where the recycling trucks take your Blue Box recyclables to be further sorted and shipped to processing mills (paper mills, steel mills, etc.).

When you take the time to sort your recyclables into the two streams, 'paper products' and 'containers' it reduces the City's sorting cost.        

It costs the taxpayers $250,000 a year when Blue Boxes are not sorted properly. Help us cut our costs.

Keep them separated - sort it right OR it may not be collected in the future.

The image below shows a pile of 'paper products' and a pile of 'containers.'  On close inspection we see that there are many recyclables that are in the wrong stream because they have not been sorted properly by residents.  All of these out of place materials will need to be re-sorted by the MRF staff and placed with the correct stream.


For more information on London's recycling program, including accepted Blue Box materials, unacceptable materials, and recycling do's and don'ts, see Curbside Recycling.

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