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Computer circuit boards

Electronics Recycling

Recycling electronics is convenient and free!

There are more than 20 locations in London, including the City of London Depots, where residents and businesses can drop-off their old electronics for recycling.  Visit Recycle MY Electronics for a location near you!

Scavenging is not permitted.  No small appliances please.

Where are the City Depots and when are they open?

See City of London Depots for depot locations and hours of operation.

Can electronics be put out for garbage pickup at the curb?

No, the City of London no longer accepts electronics for collection with garbage.

Find out more about electronics recycling in Ontario

Ontario Electronic Stewardship (OES) is a not-for-profit industry organization that oversees the responsible reuse and recycling of waste electronics through a program that includes 600 collection sites where Ontario residents and businesses can take their old electronics. For more information visit Ontario Electronic Stewardship.

How can I donate my working electronics?

Organizations such as Goodwill Donation Centres, Salvation Army Thrift Store, Talize & Value Village will accept many electronics in good working condition, however restrictions may apply, so please contact their locations directly for details.  Renewed Computer Technology accept computers & peripherals for the Computers for Schools Ontario program.  Check your telephone directory for other donation opportunities. 

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  • What Electronics Can be Recycled at the Depots?
    • televisions & monitors
    • fax machines
    • cell phones & telephones
    • tuners, radios, stereos, speakers
    • cables & cords
    • computer peripherals, modems
    • typewriters
    • equalizers, amplifiers
    • hard drives
    • answering machines
    • turntables
    • printers, plotters, photocopiers, scanners
    • pagers
    • projectors
    • VCR, CD and DVD players
    • personal hand held computers