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Information About Garbage Collection

Use these links below to help you find answers to frequently asked questions. The Waste Management By-Law (WM-12) (PDF) governs the collection of municipal garbage, recyclables and yard materials.

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  • Garbage Collection and Disposal

    Garbage is collected curbside on a six work-day cycle. For example, if your garbage is collected this week on Monday, next week your collection will be on Tuesday.  There is no garbage collection on statutory holidays. If there is a statutory holiday, your collection day will move forward one additional day for each statutory holiday.  For individual zone calendars, see Garbage Calendar and Zone Maps.

    If you live in the downtown Core, garbage is collected twice weekly.  Addresses east of Clarence Street will be collected Wednesdays & Fridays and addresses west of Clarence St will be collected Tuesdays & Thursdays.  Clarence St addresses will be collected Tuesdays & Thursdays.

  • Set out times

    Set your garbage at the curbside by 7 a.m., but no earlier than 6 p.m. the night before.

  • Garbage containers - Requirements and constraints

    Use plastic garbage bags OR metal or plastic cans. Minimum size 30 litres (7 Imperial gallons), maximum size 125 litres (28 Imperial gallons).  Maximum weight is 20 kg (44 lbs). 

    The garbage can lid must be easily detached from the garbage can - free of hinges, ropes and bungee cords.

    The City of London has adopted a 3 container / bag garbage limit per collection for residential properties.  In the case of a duplex, triplex, etc., then 3 containers / garbage bags are permitted per legal unit. 

    Don't set out individual grocery or kitchen garbage bags. They will not be picked up unless placed in garbage cans or garbage bags.

    Businesses are permitted to set out 12 bags of garbage per collection; trade waste is not acceptable.

  • Why was my garbage not picked up?
    • the garbage can or bag weighed more than 20 kg (44 lbs) or was larger than 125 Litres (28 imperial gallons)
    • the garbage contained yard materials or other non-collectable items
    • garbage was set-out in excess of the 3 container / bag limit.  See the Container Limit webpage for information on purchasing garbage tags
    • the garbage was placed inside a cardboard box or small plastic bags
    • the garbage was not at the curb by 7 a.m. for collection
    • the lid on the garbage can was tied down with a bungee cord, a rope or another restaining device
    • the garbage was not placed on the curb (it was on private property)
    • the garbage was set out on a snow bank
    • mattresses or furniture infested with bed bugs
  • Large or bulky item disposal, furniture & mattresses
    • Large items such as couches, sofa beds (remove mattress and tie springs down), mattresses and other furniture can be placed at the curb on your scheduled garbage collection day. 
    • If furniture or mattresses are soiled or suspected to have bed bugs, the item must be wrapped and sealed tightly in a mattress bag.  Visit the Health Unit website for more information.
    • Carpet must be cut to 1 meter (39") lengths and tied in bundles. 
    • Propane tanks, appliances, tires, compact fluorescent light bulbs & tubes, televisions, computer monitors and other electronics are not collected at the curb. See City of London Depots for disposal options.
  • Non-collectables

    Items that will not be collected with curbside garbage are:

    • Construction and renovation materials such as drywall, fence boards, concrete, bricks, asphalt, bathtubs and cupboards.
    • Paint and stains, which can be disposed of responsibly at the City's Household Special Waste Depot or at your local RONA, Lowe's or two area Home Hardware stores.  Visit the Regeneration website for a location near you.
    • Appliances and electronics can be recycled at the Community EnviroDepots or the W12A Landfill Depot.  For electronics, you can also visit Recycle My Electronics for a drop-off location in your neighbourhood.
    • Scrap metals such as propane tanks, barbeques, bicycle frames, tire rims, swing sets, fences posts and car parts.
    • Needles - Place in a hard plastic container and contact your local pharmacy, the Middlesex London Health Unit (519-663-5317), or visit Health Steward website for disposal information.

    See the ads in the Waste Reduction & Conservation Calendar or Recycling and Reuse Locations (PDF) for businesses that accept these materials.

  • Broken glass and sharp objects disposal

    Completely seal in a cardboard box and label as glass or sharp objects for garbage collectors.  If you have hypodermic needles, place in a hard plastic container and contact your local pharmacy, the Middlesex London Health Unit (519-663-5317), or visit Health Steward website for disposal information.

  • Garbage collection in the winter

    Please place bags and containers on level ground and near the curb. Do not place on snow banks

  • Where can I take my extra waste and unacceptable items?

    See City of London Depots for drop-off depot locations and pricing.

  • What can be done about neighbours who set out garbage before garbage day or set out unacceptable items?

    Call us at 519-661-4570 and we will contact your neighbour to request compliance to the Waste Management By-Law. You will not be identified as the complainant.

  • Information for business garbage & recycling collection

    Businesses are permitted to set out 12 garbage bags; trade waste is not acceptable. Place garbage at your collection point before 7 a.m. on the date fixed for collection but not before 5 p.m. the day before. 

    Bags must weigh less than 20 kg or 44 lbs. 

    Your business is also permitted to set-out curbside recycling if you are located on an existing residential collection route.  The limit of recyclables per collection is 5 blue boxes and 2 bundles of corrugated cardboard. 

    To determine if you are located on an existing collection route, please contact us by e-mail or at 519-661-4570.

  • What do I do with garbage bags / containers over the 3 container limit?

    The container limit applies to each registered residential unit.  If you have extra bagged garbage, tag garbage ($1.50 per tag) for curbside collection.  Tags can be purchased at the Depots and other locations listed on the Container Limit webpage.

    Bagged garbage can also be delivered to the Depots for disposal, for $1.50 per bag.