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Book an Inspection

Residential Licensing Inspections

All residential licensing inspection requests must first go through the City of London Building Division.  After the Building Division has accepted your application, the information will be sent to the Fire Prevention Division and an Inspector will contact you to set up the inspection.  When filling out the Owners Authorization Form, please remember to include the phone number or email address for the person responsible for allowing us access to the property.  Information on Residential Licensing requirements can be found here.

Real Estate or Refinancing Inspections

If you are selling or refinancing a property, you may require a fire inspection as a condition of sale or financing.  Requests for these inspections must be in writing and provide contact information for both the owner and any Property Manager if applicable.  Please allow yourself a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the deadline for the inspection to take place.  If any violations are noted, they will need to be corrected before the final letter can be issued.  Failure to do so may affect the sale or refinancing of the property.  Please fill out and return the fire inspection request form to start the process of scheduling an inspection.

Display Fireworks/Pyrotechnics Inspections

City of London Fireworks By-law requires anyone holding a display of fireworks or pyrotechnics to first obtain a permit issued by the Chief Fire Official.  The permit application must be obtained a minimum of 21 days prior to the event taking place.  Please read through the by-law to make sure your application package contains all the required information.

Fireworks By-law

Fireworks Discharge Permit

Pyrotechnics Permit

Please complete the appropriate request form and return to London Fire Department, Fire Prevention Division, 3rd floor, 400 Horton St E, London ON  N6B 1L7 or fax to 519-661-8419 or send by e-mail.

Most inspections will require a fee to be paid prior to the inspection being carried out.  Please note, cash, cheques, VISA, Mastercard or Debit are accepted for payment.  The current fee schedule is as follows:

Fire Prevention Office Fee Schedule- Effective January 1, 2020

All charges include HST.  Cheques should be made payable to "Treasurer, City of London"

Property File Search   $38.42
Fire Incident Response Report   $40.68
Fire Safety Site Inspection (Request Inspection) Up to 10,000 sq feet $193.23
  Add $94.92 per each 10,000 sq feet thereafter  
Fire Cause & Determination Report   $180.80
Display Fire Works Permit/Inspection   $303.97
Pyrotechnic Inspection/Permit   $277.98
Re-inspection for non-compliance   $115.00
Open Burn Violation Fee   $254.25


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