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How Do We Spell Success...Teamwork

Preventing fires remains our first line of defence, which is the role of our Fire Prevention Divisions Inspectors and Educators. Nonetheless, when emergencies occur, the Firefighting Division is not only trained and equipped to deliver fire suppression, auto-extrication, and defibrillation services but also Hazmat, Technical Rescue and Water/Ice Rescue Services. Supporting these Teams are Employees in our Training, Communications, Clerical, Apparatus and Stores Divisions who train our staff, dispatch alarms, keep the fire apparatus running, ensures supplies are readily available, as well as assist in the overall organization and function of the Department. Our Team of 415, working throughout six Divisions, serve more than 360,000 residents as well as tens of thousands of students attending Western University and Fanshawe College.

OUR MISSION: Be Caring. Be Safe. Prevent Harm.

Interested In Joining Our Team?

All recruitments will be posted on the City of London Current Job Opportunities webpage.

Probationary Firefighter

London Firefighters respond to a variety of emergency situations such as structure fires, auto-extrications, and cardiac related events, noting that many Firefighters also serve on one of the Department's four Special Teams. When not involved in emergency events, you can find our Firefighters promoting public service, fire prevention and life safety in the community.

Fire Prevention Inspector

The primary focus of Inspectors is to guard public and Firefighter safety through the education and enforcement of the Ontario Fire Code, identification of hazardous conditions, elimination of fire hazards, assisting in the development of fire safety plans, as well as determining the cause and origin of fires. Findings from investigations are used to develop strategies and safety programs to address community risks.

Public Fire and Life Safety Educator

Public Fire and Life Safety Educators use proven educational strategies to address fire and injury risks in the community. Whether delivering a lecture to a large group or speaking one-on-one with citizens at local events, the Public Educator makes fire safety the first consideration at all times.

Communications Operator

Communication Operators play a key role in the response to emergencies. They serve as the vital link between the public and Firefighting crews, answering the 911 calls and dispatching the appropriate resources to mitigate the incidents.


Apparatus Division Employees maintain and repair a fleet of front line fire apparatus and passenger vehicles. They also maintain and repair auto extrication, rescue and firefighting equipment, including SCBA and related components.

Training Instructor

Instructors play a fundamental role in ensuring that Firefighter skills are continually updated to reflect changes in best practice, legislation and safety systems of work, as well as coach, mentor and train recruits to the Fire Service.


The Divisions Employees provide a wider variety of internal customer services to the Department's other Divisions, as well as serve external clients looking for general assistance, fire prevention and safety information, reports and inspections.

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