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Fire Suppression

When people think about Fire Services, they picture images of firefighters on red fire engines rushing to emergencies. In recent years, people have become more aware of other fire personnel duties and responsibilities; inspecting buildings, participating at community events and assisting with education and prevention programs. Direct involvement with customers, the citizens of London, makes the Firefighting Division the most visible and recognizable of London Fire Services' divisions.

The strength and flexibility of the division come from the commitment and drive of the professional men and women focused on serving Londoners. The desire for constant improvement means a change in the way service is delivered. Traditionally, fire departments were known primarily for the delivery of fire suppression. Modern fire service organizations seek ways to introduce value-added service enhancements using existing resources. That necessitates thinking outside the box and the Firefighting Division has openly accepted the challenge.

The advent of a new millennium brought with it evolution of the Firefighting Division. Firefighters now officially identify themselves as service providers and the community as a customer. It's an open acceptance of broader involvement in public safety initiatives. Formerly, the primary tasks of a firefighter were defined as "saving life and property". Conventional interpretation of the definition suggests the actions of firefighters be restricted to responding to emergencies.

The Firefighting Division has surged forward, laying its foundation for service delivery in the 21st century. Service delivery and program development are becoming more comprehensive every day. In addition to the essential service of emergency responsiveness, the division will continually seek ways to broaden its scope in the community. Today and increasingly in the future, emergency preparedness, injury prevention, public education and fire prevention initiatives will be a strong focus of the Firefighting Division.

Our Community is served by 14 stations strategically situated across the City of London.

Emergency Response Services

  • Structural firefighting high angle rescue
  • Defibrillation
  • CPR and First Aid
  • First Responder
  • Auto extrication

Specialty Services

  • Water and ice rescue
  • Technical rescue, which includes:
    • High angle rescue
    • Confined space rescue
    • Hazardous materials mitigation

Public Safety Services

  • Risk Watch
  • Children's Safety Village
  • Public Involvement
  • In-Service Inspection
  • Summer smoke alarm program

Hazardous Materials

Day-to-day workings of many businesses utilize materials that may be hazardous to either the environment or to emergency responders. If your business uses, stores or handles hazardous substances, please let us know. Our Hazardous Materials specialists will then be able to advise responding crews of which properties may pose a threat due to materials on site. It also enables them to provide a pre-plan of the property and discuss any suppression challenges that may arise before a fire happens. 



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