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Remediation work at Summerside stormwater pond

Clean up work is currently underway at the stormwater management pond in the Summerside area, located at Jackson and Evans Blvd following a diesel fuel spill. Diesel fuel from a privately owned construction vehicle leaked into the storm sewer system through a catchbasin.

The spill was identified early and has been contained. A spills-response contractor (EFI Global Canada) is now on site to perform the clean-up operation. The Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change was also notified and has visited the site as part of the process. It is anticipated that the spills response contractor will be able to capture the diesel fuel prior to the fuel escaping into the Thames River. The contractor will be on site today and will be visiting the site regularly over the coming weeks.

A stormwater pond is a constructed facility that is designed to improve water quality, provide flood protection and reduce erosion in downstream watercourses. Although these ponds look natural, a stormwater pond is not an Environmentally Signi­ficant Area (ESA). Residents and their pets are to refrain from swimming or wading into stormwater ponds at any time. The need to stay out of the water is especially important during a fuel spill situation.