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OLG Contributions to Road Improvements Top $9 Million

Since 2013, The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) has contributed close to $9.4 million in slot machine revenue to City of London road rehabilitation projects. This investment has allowed for enhancements to roads that scored low on ride comfort, surface distress and quality of pavement ratings throughout the city.

“These streets connect our neighbourhoods. They are located in the heart of our communities,” says Kelly Scherr, City Engineer. “The upgrades that have been funded through OLG over the past few years make a difference every day for the people who use them as part of their daily travels.”

In the past, other initiatives that have benefitting from OLG support have included the Windermere Bridge, the City’s Emerald Ash Borer tree removal and replacement program, upgrades to our multi-use park pathways, enhancements to neighbourhood parks and our bus lifecycle replacement program.

“These contributions help us build the city we want. This is more than roads and bridges - it’s infrastructure that connects people and helps build community,” said Mayor Matt Brown.

“OLG is proud to be a vital part of London for more than 19 years and we look forward to continuing to build on that support”, said Jake Pastore, OLG’s Director of Municipal and Community Relations. “Each and every year 100 per cent of OLG proceeds are invested in Ontario. From healthcare, to education, to community festivals, OLG proceeds are hard at work in London and all across our province. And, we appreciate the contribution of our Western Fair District employees in making life in London that much richer.”