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Parks' Maintenance Hampered by Mother Nature

Heavier-than-usual rainfall in May and early June has caused ideal grass growing conditions, but is causing difficulties for our Parks Operations team.

In optimal conditions, it takes crews approximately 10 days to mow the City's more than 470 park spaces one time. This is done on a regular rotation, with priority given to busier park and sportsfields. For every day there is rainfall, crews are delayed in mowing. In May, it rained 23 of 31 days. The result is crews are behind on their normal maintenance routine.

water-soaked footprints on wet grass




Attempting to mow in wet conditions results in our heavy equipment causing damage to the turf, sinking into the ground, and at times getting stuck and requiring to be towed out. In addition, mowing long grass strains the equipment and can result in broken belts and overheated engines.




Our park maintenance schedule is as follows:

  • Mowing: once every 10* days
  • Trimming: once every 10-14* days
  • Garbage collection: twice weekly*
  • General park maintenance: carried out in a regular rotation with priority given to busier parks, and areas where public safety may be jeopardized.

Rain is in the forecast for this weekend and mid-week, which may continue to delay mowing over the coming week. Our crews will be making every effort to catch up and return to our normal park maintenance schedule as soon as Mother Nature allows.

*The service schedule is an approximate and is based on weather conditions, staffing levels, and equipment condition.