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Accessible Parking Enforcement Blitz

City of London Parking Services conducted an enforcement blitz on accessible parking spaces last week, visiting both private and public parking lots across the city.

During the seven-day blitz, July 9-15, over 500 properties were attended to, 35 permits were seized for being expired, fraudulent or used by someone other than the permit holder, and 236 tickets were issued for accessible parking violations. Each accessible parking ticket carries a fine of $375.

Designated accessible parking spaces are designed for individuals with accessibility issues and may feature more space between vehicles and are often located near an entrance. These spaces are intended for individuals that have been issued an accessible parking permit by the Province. The enforcement blitz was aimed at ensuring that accessible parking spaces and by-law exemptions are being used by persons who are properly complying with the regulations of a valid accessible parking permit.

“A lot of the feedback we heard from Londoners during the enforcement blitz was positive,” says Annette Drost, Manager, Municipal Law Enforcement Services, Parking Services. “Motorists we spoke with appreciated that our staff were out checking identification and expiry dates so that the accessible parking spaces were available for those who need them.”

When an accessible parking space is misused it prevents the space from being available to those who need access. Misuses of accessible parking spaces observed during the enforcement blitz included:

  • Vehicles parked in designated signed accessible parking spaces with no accessible parking permit displayed
  • Accessible parking permits being used by someone other than the permit holder
  • Fraudulent permits displayed including photocopies and altered permits
  • Expired permits displayed and/or the expiry date is obscured