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Traffic By-law and Schedules

Traffic and Parking By-law PS-113

By-law PS-113 was passed on December 19, 2016 and came into force and effect April 3, 2017 and is updated regularly. By-law PS-113 regulates the traffic and parking of motor vehicles in the City of London.

The Traffic and Parking By-law PS-113 (available as pdf documents) consists of the following parts:


Consolidated Traffic and Parking By-law

Schedule 1

Prohibited Stopping on a Specified Street

Schedule 2

Prohibited Parking on a Specified Street

Schedule 3

Prohibited Parking at Bus Stops

Schedule 4

Prohibited Parking at Taxi Stands

Schedule 5

Prohibited Parking at Loading Zones

Schedule 6

Limited Parking

Schedule 6.1

Limited Parking - Residential Parking Pass

Schedule 7

Angle Parking Permitted on Specified Streets

Schedule 8

Prohibited Turns

Schedule 9

Designated Lane Movements

Schedule 9.1

Reserved Lanes

Schedule 10

Entering Highway (Stop Signs on Specified Streets)

Schedule 11

Entering Highway (Yield Signs on Specified Streets)

Schedule 12

One Way Streets

Schedule 13

Through Highways

Schedule 13.1 Pedestrian Crossovers

Schedule 14

Heavy Truck Restrictions

Schedule 15

Reduced Load Limits

Schedule 16

School Bus Loading Zones

Schedule 17

Higher Speed Limits

​Schedule 17.1 Lower Speed Limits
Schedule 17.2 Community Safety Zones

Schedule 18

30 Minute Metered Zones

Schedule 19

2 Hour Parking Metered Zones
 (Old East Village Business Improvement Area)

Schedule 20

On-Street 2 Hour Metered Zones

Schedule 20.1

On-Street Evening Parking Zones

Schedule 21

4 Hour Metered Zones

Schedule 21.1

Ten Hour Metered Parking

Schedule 22

Metered Off-Street Municipal Parking Lots

Schedule 23

Monthly Parking Permits

Schedule 24

Un-metered Off-Street Municipal Parking Lots

Schedule 25

Fire Route Sign

Schedule 26

Fire Route Agreement

Schedule 27

Designated Parking Spaces - Disabled Persons

Schedule 28

Off-Street Handicapped Parking Sign    

Schedule 29

Electric Vehicle Charging Signage 

Schedule 30

Metered Municipal Parking Lots

Schedule 31 Lawful Use of Space

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