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Finance Flicks

**NEW** How Your Multi-Year Budget Works

Did you know the City of London has a Multi-Year Budget? What does this mean to you? Watch our video for an overview of how the Multi-Year Budget works and what the benefits are.

Budget Basics

Back to the basics! Learn how the City develops the municipal budget, the difference between the operating and capital components of the municipal budget and the different funding sources that support them. Our video will  provide you with a brief overview on the breakdown of tax dollars, legislative requirements and the definition of a budget.

How Your Property Tax Is Calculated

Have you ever wondered how your property taxes are calculated? Watch our video to find out how individual property tax rates are calculated. This video also demonstrates how reassessing property values will impact individual property tax rates.

The World Of Development Charges

Do you want to learn more about development charges? Watch our video to learn what development charges are, the classifications of development charges and how they fund new development in the city. You will also learn how development charges are calculated and who is required to pay them.

What is Assessment Growth?

Do you know what assessment growth is? Watch our video for an overview, how it is calculated and what can be funded through assessment growth.




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