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2016-2019 Council Approved Multi-Year Budget & Highlights

On March 10 City Council approved an annual average tax levy increase of 2.82% property tax increase or $76 a year for the average homeowner (with an assessed value of $221,000) over the next four years.

The tax levy increase will address on-going municipal cost pressures and provide funding for initiatives and projects identified in the City Council Strategic Plan.

The benefits of multi-year budgeting include:

  • Alignment of longer-term goals and objectives with longer-term funding plans;
  • Greater certainty is provided to tax payers/residents about the future direction of taxes and the timing of implementation of the Strategic Plan; and,
  • Improved accountability and transparency over spending plan changes

2016-2019 Council Approved Budget

The multi-year budget supports new or enhanced initiatives under the four areas of strategic focus in Council’s Strategic Plan:

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  • Strengthening Our Community

    •        Homelessness $3.8 million

    •        Poverty reduction $2.1 million

    •        By-law enforcement $1.1 million

    •        Winter maintenance on park pathways and Thames Valley Parkway $574,000

    •        Community grants $280,000

    •        Mental health $200,000

  • Growing Our Economy

    •        Dundas Place (Flex Street) $15.6 million

    •        Regenerating public housing $750,000

    •        Back to the River Environmental Assessment $700,000

    •        City of London internship program $360,000

  • Building a Sustainable City

    •        Rapid Transit $267.8 million (including senior government funding)

    •        Investment in infrastructure gap $6.8 million

    •        Urban Forestry Strategy $3.5 million

    •        Warranted sidewalk program $600,000

    •        Woodland management $200,000

  • Leading in Public Service

    •        Service review savings $9.0 million

    •        Service London (enhancing and improving the delivery of customer 
              services) $3.9 million

    •        Computerized maintenance management system $2.1 million

    •        Garbage collection (on-board weighing and tracking technologies) 

  • Culture

    •        Two new libraries (northwest and southeast) $6.6 million

  • Parks & Recreation Services

    •     Aquatics anchored multi-purpose recreation centre (East Lions Park) $7.8 million

    •     Arena anchored multi-purpose recreation centre (southeast) $27.1 million

    •     Lifecycle renewal for existing parks $9.6 million

  • Protective Services

    •     New fire hall (southeast) $3.6 million

  • Social & Health Services

    •     Public housing major upgrades $8.8 million

  • Transportation Services


    •    Widening Fanshawe Rd E (Adelaide St to Highbury Ave) $11.3 million

    •    Widening Western Rd (Platts Lane to Oxford St) $23.1 million

    •     Upgrades to Wilton Grove Rd (Commerce Rd to  City limits) $12.6 million

    •     Widening Wharncliffe Rd (Becher St to Springbank Drive) $22.1 million

    •     Lifecycle renewal for roads and bridges (including below) $95.8 million

    • Veterans Memorial Parkway (Oxford St to City limits)
    • Huron Street (Barker St to Sandford St)
    • Fanshawe Rd E (Highbury Ave to Clarke Rd)
    • Queens Bridge

    •     Replace transit buses $30.8 million

  • Corporate Services

    •     Replace vehicles and equipment $19.0 million

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