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Skyway Industrial Park

Skyway Industrial Park

















Skyway Industrial Park is adjacent to the London Airport, located east of Veteran's Memorial Parkway, west of Crumlin Side Road, and north of Oxford Street East.

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Available Parcel

Parcel Acreage Price per Acre Brochure
Block 3 16.07 acres $70,000 pdf


The Park is zoned General Industrial 1.  It is necessary to refer to the zoning maps to determine the correct zoning of a parcel. uses permitted are:

General Industrial 1 - Auction establishments; automobile body shop; automobile repair garages; building or contracting establishments; commercial recreation establishments; dry cleaning and laundry plants; food, tobacco and beverage processing industries; manufacturing and assembly industries; printing, reproduction and data processing industries; private clubs; processed goods industries; repair and rental establishments; research and development establishments; service and repair establishments; service trades; storage depots; terminal centres; transport terminals; vehicle sales and service establishments; warehouse establishments; and wholesale establishments.


The park is fully serviced with sanitary sewers, storm sewers, and water.

Building Requirements

Minimum Lot Coverage - 15%

Easements and Encumbrances

Please call the Industrial Land Office (519) 661-2489 Ext. 4546 in the Realty Services Division  for additional information regarding existing easements and encumbrances.

Height Restrictions

The London Airport Zoning Regulations apply to all the lands in the vicinity of the airport.  Regulations impose height restrictions of 50 feet, 100 feet, and 150 feet from the approach surface of airport runways.   Please contact the Industrial Land Office 519 661-4546 of the Realty Services Division for more information.