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Business Improvement Areas (BIAs)

A Business Improvement Area (BIA) is a geographic area in a municipality governed by a board of management set up to provide certain business promotion and improvement functions within that area. It is established by a municipality using the specific business improvement area provisions in the Municipal Act, 2001. It allows local business people and commercial property owners and tenants to join together and, with the support of the municipality, to organize, finance, and carry out physical improvements and promote economic development in their district.

A BIA board of management prepares a proposed annual budget, reflecting the priorities and needs of the BIA as determined by the board and membership. Budgets are submitted to council for approval. The budget is usually financed by BIA levies that are collected by the municipality. Funds are then disbursed by the municipality to the board.

BIAs and their staff have knowledge about the local market that can help make your business a success. The City of London currently has five BIAs. Contact them directly to find out more:

Argyle BIA

Downtown London BIA

Hamilton Road BIA

Hyde Park BIA

Old East Village BIA

If you are interested in establishing a BIA, please contact City Planning.

Creating a Business Improvement Area is not your only option. A Business Association can be created without the assistance of the City. See the Business Association Guide for more information.

Other resources:

Business Improvement Area Handbook

Accessibility – Alternative accessible formats or communication supports are available upon request.  Please contact or 519-661-4980 for more information.


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