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Standard Contract Documents For Municipal Construction

You can use the links below to access the multiple sections of the Standard Contract Documents for Municipal Construction Projects.

Summary of 2018 Edition Revisions

Section A - Part 1 -General Specifications

General Specifications


Section B - Part 1  Roads 

Roads Specifications

MEMO pertaining to SR Drawings - December 1, 2017

MEMO Update Pertaining to SR Drawing - December 15, 2017

Drawings for Roads

Section B - Part 2 - Sewer and Water Specifications

Sewer and Water Specifications

Drawings for Sewer and Water


Section B - Part 3 - Traffic Signals and Street Lighting

Traffic Signals and Street Lighting Specifications

Appendix A - Drawings for Traffic Signal and Street Lighting

Appendix B - OPSD Drawings for Traffic Signal and Street Lighting

Appendix C - MTOD Drawings for Traffic Signal and Street Lighting

Appendix D- Pre-Inspection Checklist

Appendix E - Traffic Controller Tag Labelling


Section B - Part 4 - General Conditions of Contract

General Conditions of Contract

Appendix A - Industrial, Commercial, Institutional

Appendix B - Occupational Classifications for Road/Highway Construction

Appendix C - Sewer and Water Construction

Appendix D - Building Cleaning Industry

Appendix E - Security Guard Industry


Section B - Part 5 - Tree Planting and Protection Guidelines

Tree Planting and Protection Guidelines Specifications

Drawings for Tree Planting and Preservation


Section B - Part 6 - Parks and Open Spaces

Parks and Open Spaces Specifications

Drawings for Parks and Open Spaces


Section C - Statutory Declaration

Statutory Declaration Re-Liens and Payment of Accounts


Workers' Compensation Declaration - Corporation Tax Act

Workers' Compensation Declaration Form


Section D - Forms

Labour and Material Bond

Notification and Acknowledgment of Designated Substances on Project

Contractor Health & Safety Meeting Report

Contractor Safety Checklist

Excavation Checklist

Notice of Health & Safety Noncompliance

Performance Bond

Payment Certificate - Contract Administrator Checklist

Sample Tender Advertisement

Supervisor Report Contractor Safety Inspection

Certificate of Insurance for Contractors

Time and Material Change Order Summary












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