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Environmental Management Guidelines

The practice of environmental management requires a systematic approach which follows a predictable and traceable pattern. The use of a consistent template provides clear expectations for the proponents and will ensure that relevant issues are not overlooked and that unnecessary items are excluded. The outcome in terms of process will be an expedited review, and the product will be a document that will assist decision – makers in their assessment and review of the development proposal and its environmental impacts.

The guidelien document is to be used in evaluating any natural heritage feature within the City of London or in the establishment of buffers.  The following list has divided the document into separate chapters and published them as pdf documents.


  1. Guidelines for the Preparation and Review of Environmental Impact Statements (EIS)
  2. Data Collection Standards for Ecological Inventory
  3. Guideline Documents for Environmentally Significant Areas Identification, Evaluation and Boundary Delineation
  4. Guidelines for the Evaluation of Ecologically Significant Woodlands
  5. Guidelines for Determining Setbacks and Ecological Buffers
  6. Guide to Plant Selection for Natural Heritage Areas and Buffers
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