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Southwest Area Secondary Plan

The Southwest London Area Planning Study was a City-initiated and funded project that provides a comprehensive assessment of the opportunities and constraints for the planning and development of the study area.  The Southwest London Study Area is 2380 ha. in size and spans not only previously completed area plans but also includes three areas proposed for new developer-led sub-area plans (Bostwick West, Central Longwoods and South Longwoods) and other larger tracts where it had been assumed that separate Secondary Plans would be prepared.

The Southwest London Area Study will include all of the Urban Growth Area south of Southdale Road, east of Dingman Creek and north of Highway 402/401. Recognizing that substantial tracts of land are already developed for urban uses (Lambeth, Exeter Road Industrial Area) or designated and planned for development through previous area planning studies (North Talbot, Bostwick East, North Longwoods and Dingman),  the study is focused on lands currently undeveloped and that were designated in the Official Plan as Urban Reserve.  Areas of existing development were reviewed for the purposes of background studies (servicing, transportation, and natural heritage, etc). The Southwest Area Secondary Plan is provided below, as amended by the Ontario Municipal Board on April 29, 2014.

Updated Southwest Area Secondary Plan

Upon the approval of The London Plan the current Official Plan (1989 Official Plan) will no longer be in force and effect.  The Southwest Area Secondary Plan contains policy references to the 1989 Official Plan that are required to understand, interpret and implement the Secondary Plan.  To address this matter, a policy review was initiated to ensure that any of the policies that reference the 1989 Official Plan are carried forward after that Plan is replaced upon the approval of The London Plan.  Where references are made to the current Official Plan, the policies have been incorporated into a new Chapter that is attached to the Southwest Area Secondary Plan to assist in the use, interpretation and implementation of the Secondary Plan upon the approval of The London Plan.    

Southwest Area Secondary Plan (Updated) - December 13, 2019

OMB Decision

OMB Amended Southwest Area Secondary Plan - (April 29, 2014 - OMB File No: PL130020)


Council Meeting  - (November 20, 2012)

Background Studies


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