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Minor Variance

Applications to the Committee of Adjustment for Minor Variance are submitted to the Minor Variance Coordinator on the 7th floor of City Hall.  It is recommended that prior to making your application you follow the procedure outlined below.  For more general information please see the Minor Variances and the Committee of Adjustment page.

  1. Download an application form or pick one up from the 7th floor of City Hall.
  2. Read the detailed instructions (pages 1-3) regarding making an application and familiarize yourself with the process, expectations and requirements of the entire package.
  3. Submit your detailed site plan, survey and/or diagram (as outlined in Section 9, p.4 of the application form) to a Municipal Law Enforcement Officer (MLEO) on the 7th floor of City Hall, (or by email) so that they may complete a "zoning referral record" (APP-1, p. 7 of the application form).
  4. Once the MLEO has completed your "zoning referral" they will contact you and return the completed form: Take the form - and your application materials - to speak with a planner about your potential application.  At this stage the planner will identify (based on the form completed by the MLEO and your supporting documents) issues, challenges or hurdles that your application may encounter.  After speaking with a Planner you may be advised to speak with an Engineer (or other authority such as the Upper Thames Conservation Authority) to confirm servicing, access, stormwater, environmental or other issues that your proposal may create or exacerbate.
  5. Once you are confident that your application is complete you can submit the referral form, the application, supporting materials and documents and the applicable fee to the Secretary-Treasurer of the Committee of Adjustment (7th floor, City Hall).

Click here to find out more about the Minor Variance Process and the Committee of Adjustment, and some frequently asked questions.

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