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Downtown Visioning

As part of the Downtown  Plan process, a Vision exercise was conducted with staff, the public and property owners/merchants in the Downtown. From this exercise the following statement was created....

“Downtown London is the business, cultural and entertainment centre of the City; a gathering place and community focus for City residents and others to live, work, shop, visit and play. It is the focus of the City’s revitalization efforts.”

“Downtown London is where emerging young businesses begin and are encouraged to grow.”

“Downtown London is everybody’s neighbourhood and will be a thriving, bustling and attractive place that is unique, welcoming, inviting and pleasant with lots to do, where people live and visit, where people have fun and mix socially in a clean, safe and secure environment.”

“Downtown London will offer distinctive cultural, arts, recreation, entertainment, specialty retail, restaurant, employment and service uses during the morning, day and evening. These uses will form a continuous streetscape that is charming, attractive, interesting, walkable, well maintained and comfortable for pedestrians. Heritage buildings and streetscapes will be preserved to provide architectural interest, a unique identity and a strong tie to our past.”

“Downtown London … a place that makes Londoners proud and a place where people want to be”


Studies and Reports

Report to Planning Committee November 16, 2009

Report to Planning Committee November 8, 2010

Revised Vision Statement to Planning Committee November 15, 2010

First Presentation - City of Opportunities - A Vision for Downtown London

Second Presentation - City of Opportunities - A Vision for Downtown London

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