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Music, Entertainment and Culture District Study

Music, Entertainment and Cultural activities are an important contributor to economic development in many cities. These activities can make cities more vibrant and attract both a younger and older demographic to a city. They improve the quality of life and make a city more livable.

This project will include a review of existing City of London processes, and possible amendments to, the Zoning By-law, Sign and Canopy By-law, Noise By-law, Business Licensing By-law and a review of other applicable City regulations and policies to facilitate the implementation of music, entertainment and culture districts within the City of London.

Creating districts where these activities often occur may provide the City a way to focus policies and streamline regulations etc. such that event organizers, citizens and businesses may share a set of expectations for these areas.

Important Documents on the Study

Council Resolution – February 17, 2015
Council Resolution – March 10, 2015
Staff Report and Terms of Reference – October 26, 2015
Council Resolution – October 27, 2015
Survey of Event Organizers - February 25, 2016 - April 29, 2016
Staff Report - March 21, 2016
Council Resolution - March 22, 2016
Community Information Meeting - June 28, 2016 - Notice
Community Consultation Meeting/Questions Asked - June 28, 2016
Community Information Meeting #2 - November 2, 2016 - Notice
Revised Notice of Public Meeting - SPPC March 20, 2017 - (Revised Londoner Notice of March 9, 2017) 
Staff Report - March 20, 2017 
Music Entertainment and Culture Districts Feasibility Study - March 2017

Tourism London request for open air stage on Talbot Street for Country Music Week

Tourism London Request Letter - May 27, 2016
Council Resolution - June 23, 2016

Culture Office Amendment to allow amplified music and dancing on outdoor patios on a temporary basis within Downtown BIA and Old East Village CIP. (Z-8625)

Culture Office Request Letter - May 19, 2016
Council Resolution - May 31, 2016
Notice of Public Meeting - July 18, 2016
Staff Report - July 18, 2016
Notice of Passing - July 26, 2016

City –wide - Remove clause 5) “Entertainment” from Section 4.18 (Outdoor Patio Associated with a Restaurant or Tavern) of Zoning By-law Z-1. (Z-8763)

Londoner Advertisement- April 27, 2017
Notice of Application - May 2, 2017

Providing Input

General comments and questions about the Music, Entertainment and Culture District Study can be directed to Chuck Parker, Senior Planner, at




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