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Future City

Future City is a community discussion about connecting London and how to improve our City through technology.  A Strategy is being prepared to guide investment and partnerships so the City of London can implement initiatives around four pillars that include smart living, smart infrastructure, smart economy and smart decisions/governance.

As part of preparing this Strategy a comprehensive engagement needs to take place with the community to ensure we get the right key focuses to invest or partner in to improve the overall quality of life for Londoners.

Project Background

The City’s Strategic Plan (2015-2019) and The London Plan (the new Official Plan for the City of London) has identified smart cities and its associated initiatives as an investment that will help London to promote economic development, civic innovation, data sharing, while gaining efficiencies and effectiveness in municipal processes, all in effort to improve our residents' overall quality of life.  The City of London has focused on the following four pillars for our Future City Strategy.

The Four Pillars

Smart Living

  • Sharing data to allow the public to use and republish data
  • Improve access to and education required to use digital technologies
  • Use of web-based citizen engagement tools/applications to enhance collaboration
  • Create digital service delivery methods to improve customer service

Smart Infrastructure

  • Optimize the construction/operation/management of infrastructure (water, sewer,transportation, energy and information and communications technology)
  • Coordination and monitoring of physical assets through use of digital infrastructure
  • Data collection to assist with municipal decision-making
  • Smart buildings/green infrastructure

Smart Economy

  • Creation/enhancement of technology incubators/accelerators/business hubs
  • Attraction/retention of talent to grow digital economy
  • Provision of resources and organizations to support economic development
  • Workforce education/skill development opportunities to support digital economy

Smart Governance and Decisions

  • Use of data analytics/metrics to improve corporate decision-making
  • Governance model to support collection/maintenance/dissemination of municipal data
  • Improving and building the corporate digital culture
  • Governance structure for public/private partnerships to operate potential municipal assets.

Other Documents

The London Plan – Smart City Chapter (Council Adopted June 23, 2016)

City of London Strategic Plan (2015-2019)

Staff Report to Strategic Priorities and Policy Committee – Smart Cities – July 25, 2016

Staff Report to Strategic Priorities and Policy Committee – Smart Cities – December 7, 2015

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